By car

The Karisma shopping centre offers excellent shopping facilities for the entire family. It is in Lahti's Karisto, right beside the E75 motorway.

Distances from Karisma

Helsinki 107km
Vaalimaa 150km
St Petersburg 338km
Kouvola 60km
Lappeenranta 146km

By bus

You can reach Karisma from the Lahti centre with buses 7 (to Karisto) and 11 (to Herrasmanni or Koivukumpu). Buses depart from the market square from Vapaudenkatu busstop E. The bus stop is right next to Karisma in Karisto.

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By bicycle

From the center of Lahti to Karisma it is about 5.5 kilometers.
The walk is about 45 minutes, by bicycle about 20 minutes.