About Karisma

Karisma is a compact shopping centre, located in Lahti, for the whole family. It is easy to reach from any direction, regardless of how you get there: by car, bus, bicycle or on foot.

Karisma's stores are open year-round, on every day of the week. See each store's details for precise opening times.

Karisma has 1,600 free-of-charge, generously sized parking spaces - for easy parking, with room for everyone. We also have six electric vehicle charging points, and a parking area for camper vans. Of course, we provide free WiFi and a phone charging point.

We are particularly proud of our well-lit, clean and accessible public areas, clean toilets, and outstanding play areas. Best of all, we have PapuPark, a free-of-charge indoor play park for small children, which can be enjoyed all over Karisma thanks to an entertaining mobile game. Come and explore Karisma!

General public area

The shopping centre's facilities have been designed for the comfort of customers. They are roomy and bright. Seating areas and benches are located around the shopping centre, so why not take the weight off your feet and enjoy a relaxing break from shopping? Beautiful greenery adds to the attractiveness of the centre. We make sure that public areas are clean, paying particular attention to the cleanliness and comfort of the toilets. The children's play areas are cleaned regularly, and whenever needed. L&T takes care of cleaning in Karisma, while security is handled by Securitas.

In 2017, Karisma was awarded the Breeam environmental certificate in recognition of its excellent maintenance level, and a Safe Retail Destination Certificate in 2018, for compliance with international safety standards.

An accessible shopping centre

Both inside and outside facilities at Karisma are accessible for customers with impaired mobility.

There are special parking places for disabled drivers. In addition, all parking spaces are wider than usual.

There are no stairs, bumps or other obstacles between the parking area and the shopping centre. Lifts are located in the central plaza on Floors 1 and 2. Wheelchair access to Floor 2 is also possible using our inclined travelators. The centre's passages are wide, clear of obstacles and accessible. The shopping centre is brightly lit, with clear signs. Seating and benches, where customers can rest, are positioned all around the shopping centre.

Toilets for the disabled are located on both floors.

NB! Shopping trolleys can be taken anywhere in the shopping centre.